The Dutch Waterplant Society (WAP) is a study group for aquatic plant lovers. The mission of the WAP is to increase the knowledge and appreciation of aquatic plants for ponds and aquaria and to improve the protection of these plants and their environment. In addition to many individuals, also a large number of aquarium clubs are a member of the WAP. Several of the members contribute unique knowledge to the WAP. This is what we offer our members:

  • Meetings. Four times a year. Members and guest speakers present their experience: a travel report, research of a biotope, a report on cultivation of plants or results of scientific research. Traditionally lectures are illustrated with high quality slide images or PowerPoint presentations. Most presentations are in Dutch, some are in German or English.
  • Open Day. Once a year in November with the very best speakers. For many interested plant lovers the Open Day is the first occasion to get to know the WAP.
  • Field trips. Twice a year. The field trips lead us to aquatic plant nurseries or to wetland nature reserves.
  • WAP-magazine. Five volumes per year. The WAP-magazine contains publications of high quality, minutes of last meetings’ presentations as well as announcements of future meetings and excursions. The magazine is mostly in Dutch.
  • WAP-site. The WAP-site shows the current activities and of course much information on aquatic plants.
  • New plants. Members exchange plants during the meetings. Many rare species, not available in trade can be obtained during the meetings.
  • Contacts. Meet other aquatic plant lovers. Many of them are able and willing to give presentations in your local club or can advise you on how to grow or identify aquatic plants.


Aquarium Hannie Vierhout - Willem Postma

Utricularia vulgaris - Harry van Bruggen

Paludarium Evert Vierhout - Willem Postma